KRAVE Jerky #nationaljerkyday sponsored

“I grew up eating meat almost everyday in Oklahoma, and even worked jobs as a rancher in Texas eating some of the best meat around. It is a huge part of my diet and I am always looking for ways to satisfy my craving while I travel. Being in and out of airports, buses, cars, hotels and more for weeks on end make it very hard to find something you enjoy eating. I have tried probably every brand of jerky around and they usually get old after a few days and then I don't really look forward to them anymore. And then I found KRAVE Jerky and it was absolutely the best, most flavourful and tender jerky I have ever put in my mouth. The different flavours keep it delicious no matter how much I am eating. I don't dare travel without it now and when I run out it means it better almost be time to go home so I can restock! Thanks to these guys I can always satisfy my KRAVE-ing."

Braz (Trail Run Adventure guide and adventurer)


“I am the worlds worst cook, especially when it comes to dealing with meat. So often I just go without as it is easier. But with all the travel, racing, training and big days out in the mountains I do, it comes with a huge need for proteins and iron. And the best way I have found to get this is with KRAVE jerky. I never had jerky before I came to America and I was introduced to KRAVE jerky. With so many different flavours and a great texture I get really satisfied with just a strip or two and feel that my diet is more balanced. The resealable packages are perfect for going in my back pack while travelling or out running in the mountains." 

Anna Frost (Trail Run Adventures guide and international mountain, trail and ultra runner)