• Madeira

26th of May to 4th June, 2017

Trail Running, Surfing, Whale Watching, Yoga, the Ultra Skymarathon Race and more adventures with Anna Frost & Braz in Madeira

Ready for a week in the stunningly diverse Madeira? Join Anna Frost and Braz on this trip, which includes trail running in the mountains and along ancient viaducts, under waterfalls and through tunnels. Then change it up with canyoning, surfing, yoga, whale and dolphin watching and top it all off with a blast out on the Vertical Kilometer race in the world class Sky Race or test yourself on the 55km Ultra event. Try something new, challenge yourself, take the step! We are right there with you. And so is the local community, ready to take you on an adventure of a life time! 


The archipelago of Madeira is situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. It is famous for its wine, local food, historical and cultural value, immensely beautiful and lush flora and fauna and of course incredible mountain trails that Anna Frost and Trail Run Adventures fell in love with. We will explore all of the main corners of the island, the high points of Pico Ruivo and its neighbouring peaks, sandy and rocky beaches and the famous city Funchal whether by foot, bike, boat, board or water! We have it all. 


Trail running. Run time varies from 1-8 hours and can be adjusted to your ability or needs. Some runs may change depending on weather. Some runs will be slow moving, steep, and technical so prepare accordingly. All runs will be measured in time rather than distance due to the vertical +/- and technical aspects of the trails.
(Always bring a running backpack to bring food, water, and a jacket with you. Please also include snacks and electrolytes as it can get very hot and humid).

  • Canyoning
  • Surfing
  • Yoga
  • Mountain biking (an add on)
  • Whale Watching

Free entry and support in the the Madeira Sky Race. VK, 11Km, 21km and 55km (All of the race entries are included so run as many as you want! You will need to let us know which races you will want to do when you sign up for the trip. Some changes may be possible the week before the race but not guaranteed. The 55K is a very beautiful and difficult course. It will include mountain summits, technical and exposed rope sections, river crossings, and much more. Please read the rules and compulsory kit requirements for all the races you plan on doing. You will need to have all of your race gear and compulsory kit before arrival to Madeira


May 26th - 4th June 2017 (Limited to 14 people)


This adventure is for intermediate and experienced trail runners - no beginners please. This is not an adventure to learn to trail run, this is an opportunity to run with Anna Frost and Braz and local Madeira runners on their mountains and trails. 

  • Guide: Anna Frost 
  • Guide: Ron (Braz) Braselton
  • Guide: Gonzalo
  • Guide: Joao

What will it cost?

USD $2,495

Does not include:

  • Flights
  • Personal travel and medical Insurance
  • Alcohol and other drinks
  • Additional snack foods, race food (gels, bars, electrolytes etc)
  • Personal spending - souvenirs etc.


  • Transfers, drivers and all transportation while in Madeira
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, drinking water and dinner with our private chef (special diets may be available upon request)
  • Equipment for all adventures (except for Mountain Biking shoes and clothes)
  • Local guides (no tips required as we have paid them well already!)
  • Photographer
  • Daily yoga/core strength/stretch classes with Anna Frost

What to bring:

Everything you will need for race day including energy food/drink (check compulsory gear for the race on the website

  • Strong Trail shoes (2+ pairs)
  • Mountain biking shoes, clothes if you want to mountain bike. 
  • Running backpack


Day 1: Friday May 26

Arrivals  in Funchal, shuttles to house
Possible short run depending on arrival time
Evening Yoga/stretch
Only dinner is included today (and then every meal is included from tomorrow)

Day 2: Saturday May 27

Arrivals possible today
Morning run: Run of 2-3 hour on the coastal cliffs, through rivers, along the winding ancient trails and ending with a jump into the ocean pools
Evening Yoga/stretch/core strength 

Day 3: Sunday May 28

Morning Run: Long Run of 4-6 hours in the high mountains above the clouds and with stunning views of the sea on both sides of the island! (you will need: a jacket, 1 litre water minimum, running backpack, food, and everything else you would take on a long run)
Evening Yoga/stretch/core strength

Day 4: Monday May 29

Morning activity: Canyoning (all gear is provided)
Evening option: Run of 2-3 hour along the peninsula overlooking nature reserves and stunning clear blue seas or Yoga/stretch/core strength

Day 5: Tuesday May 30

Surfing in the morning or afternoon depending on the waves
Run of 2-3 hour through tiny ancient town trails, past small eco farms, and through forest trails
Evening Yoga/stretch/core strength    

Day 6: Wednesday May 31

Optional Mountain Biking (This is not included in the price, but we will help with your set up and transportation. Full and 1/2 day options are available. We will need to reserve early)
Run of 2-3 hour on the ridge lines of the high peaks surrounded by wild flowers and rocky outcrops
Surfing (Depending on waves)
Evening Yoga/stretch/core strength 

Day 7: Thursday June 1

Sailing and Whale/Dolphin watching tour and swimming with the dolphins! (All Day)
Rest those legs!

Day 8: Friday June 2

Let the races begin with the Ultra Sky Madeira Vertical Kilometer race - haven't raced a VK before? Doesn't matter, we are there to support you. Why not try it out now!  
Optional Easy Run

Day 9: Saturday June 3

Ultra Sky Madeira 55K and 21K races
Pizza and party! 

Day 10: Saturday June 4

11K Skyrace
Departures: Breakfast and Lunch will be included today depending on your departure time


More Questions? Please email us at: hello@trailrunadventures.com