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We have been supporting SisuGirls since it was founded in 2014. Sisu is a Finnish term for determination, bravery and strength and SisuGirls aims to inspire and encourage sisu in girls through sport and adventure. They write stories, showcase strong and positive role models and provide opportunities for girls to take part in sport and adventure programs including trail running, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing.



Keeping children in school helps a nation thrive, which builds friends in vital parts of the world.  Children of Uganda give hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children a safe place to live, eat, love and learn, from age 5 all the way up to completing their secondary education, vocational training or university. There are more orphans in Uganda than anywhere else in the world — over 2.4 million children — due to the AIDS epidemic, extreme poverty, and decades of civil conflict. We’re on the ground in Uganda to help as many of these young people as we can. Children of Uganda give children safe shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care. In Uganda, there are no public schools, so without school fees, children don’t learn. Because of Children of Uganda, children gain an education and the life skills they need for future success. Their lives are completely transformed.

Children of Uganda


A percentage of every registration helps provide support for our (by 'our' we mean with your support too) kids. Sending them to school with medical needs, food, shelter, clothes, pens and paper and education. We will continue to update you with their progress.   

Paul Lukaymuzi

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Paul was born on March 1, 2008. His father died when Paul was just three years old. His mother sent a message to his paternal relatives that she was not interested in the boy and disappeared when Paul was merely one month old; her whereabouts is still unknown. Paul now lives with his HIV positive paternal aunt who is the breadwinner of the family and strives to support the children. She has seven biological children, four step-children, and two grandchildren to take care of. Her main sources of income are petty labor, mat weaving and poultry.

Their house is on roughly ½ acre of land - which is not enough to grow ample food for the large family. Therefore they are forced to rent land in order to grow crops for home consumption. Paul’s aunt takes care of the family single handedly without support from her husband who expresses little interest in the family. She works incredibly hard to support all of the children under her roof.  She worries that Paul would be orphaned if something were to happen to her as he is not a biological child.  She is also guilt ridden because the other children feel slighted when she gives Paul the necessary support to go to school, and they are chased away from school for insufficient dues.

Trail Run Adventures are so pleased to announce that we have fully sponsored Paul and he begins school thanks to your support. 

Laban Kavuma

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6 year-old Laban is the cousin of our youngest star on the 2014 Tour of Light, Jackie Nambejja. He lives with his father, aunt, brother, cousin and grandmother. Sadly, his father is an alcoholic and does not care much for his two sons. Both of the children are school-going age, but are not in school. The family is living in absolute poverty and they at times have only one meal a day. For the past few months, they have depended on food that was donated to them. Laban’s elderly grandmother does not have any source of income and is too weak to work. His weak and sickly aunt is able to do some casual labor for income. The family also has a small piece of land where they practice subsistence farming and raise pigs.

Trail Run Adventures are so pleased to announce that we have fully sponsored Laban and he also begins school thanks to your support.